December 04, 2020

Redefining the word Vacation. The definition of vacation is “an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.”. With the new challenges that the travel world faces COVID-19, we have been given the chance to take a new look at the world of travel. While these are challenging times, this is also an opportunity for us to look at how we travel in a new light. Vacations might look a little different right now this is the perfect time to hop in your car and embrace the power of the road trip! Yes, the road trip is quickly becoming the new definition of vacation. Your car is not the only option for road trip travel, with trendy options like RVs and Vans provide a safe and adventurous environment.  A vehicle can be just as powerful as a plain, all that matters is your destination.  While you can’t drive over the Atlantic there are hundreds of small towns or cities that you have never thought of waiting to be discovered. Hidden gems all over the country that will take your breath away. With towns like Solvang CA, which makes you feel like you were just dropped into the middle of a quaint Danish town. Grand Lake CO, a town that sits on a mystical lake hidden in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Having a cocktail on the lake, while looking at the snowcapped mountains will make you see shades of lake Como. Vacations should be spent slowing down life, seeing new things, and exploring nature. A road trip is a perfect way to take advantage of all of these. In Buellton CA where the combination of majestic camping in nature and the comfort of a hotel room with Flying Flags glamping tents. Or in Oregon where resorts like Shelter Cove offer beautiful foggy lakes and dreamy wooden cabins creating the perfect fishing weekend. Maybe you are looking for warmer climates? At Palm Canyon Resort in Borrego Springs, you can experience the darkest of nights and the brightest of stars. All these magical places await, and your car, van, or RV is just waiting to take you there. Stay safe, happy exploring, and let the adventure begin.       

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