10 Things You Don't Want To Tell Your...

August 05, 2011

We’ve all had those embarrassing phone calls to our friendly Insurance Agent. You know what I’m talking about. Things like “Hi Rob, I need to put a claim in. I drove through the garage door this morning” or “Hi George, Look I know this sounds funny but as I was backing out of the driveway I ran over the lawnmower.”

Here are 10 things to remember about your RV so that you don’t give your insurance agent a good laugh to share with fellow agents.

1.) An RV takes more room to turn a corner than your VW Bug. Don’t try to make a sharp turn rather than wait on the oncoming traffic. Light poles do nasty things to fiberglass and blue tarp doesn’t enhance the graphics on your unit.

2.) Rv TV antennas are not meant to withstand the 70 mile an hour winds on the highway. Make sure that the last thing you do is check that you have lowered the antenna. It’s not a pretty sight to see an RV traveling down the highway with the antenna hanging off of the side.

3.) Double check your taillights before you head out on the road. EVERY time you get ready to move. Once dusk hits, it can be very difficult for the person traveling behind you to know that there is a monster vehicle ahead of them.

4.) Secure that awning. The scene with Robin Williams in RV where he is traveling down the road with the awning flapping isn’t something the writers made up. There are plenty of stories out there about an awning deploying in the middle of a four lane highway.

5.) Before you leave the RV Park where you spent the night, make sure that everything is unhooked. We once left our site with the pedestal trailing behind us like a newlywed’s car.

6.) While you are at it, make sure that you have removed the chocks from your wheels. Car jacks don’t hack it when you have to change tires on an RV.

7.) Make doubly sure that you are firmly connected. If you are in a fifth wheel, make sure that the hitch has locked in. You don’t want to pull away only to have the fifth wheel fall on the bed of the truck.

8.) If you are towing a car behind your motor home, be sure that you have gone through all the checklists, particularly that the emergency brake is OFF. The motor home is going to hide the smoke that is billowing out behind your tow vehicle.

9.) Turn off the propane before you leave the campground. There are way too many RV’s that have caught fire on the highway. And believe me, they can go to ashes in the blink of an eye. Make sure the furnace is turned off, the refrigerator is either on battery or shut off and the pilot on the range is off. Better yet, turn the propane off at the tank, then you don’t have to worry about whether you have turned everything off.

10.) When you find that gorgeous site that backs onto the river, make sure that your wheels are firmly chocked behind the wheels. Most RV’s aren’t amphibious and will sink like a rock.

There are my 10 don’t do’s, what are yours?

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