Camping 101 - How To Make Your Own Stove Or Oven

June 10, 2016

Camping gear gets really expensive really quick but there are some DIY ways to avoid spending too much money such as making your own camping stove or oven out of everyday materials.

Over at Love The Outdoors, they have put together easy to follow instructions on how to make DIY stoves, ovens, and your own buddy burners.

To make your own campground stove you will need:

·One Gallon (#10) Tin Can

·Can Opener

·Tin Snips

·Punch Opener


Remove one of the lids to create the bottom of the stove and using the tin snips, cut a door measuring 3” x 3”. Take the punch opener and punch a few holes in the opposite side of the tin to create air holes for ventilation. Place a small fire or buddy burner beneath, using the door to control the heat. Afterwards, wipe the stovetop clean for future use!

The oven is simple to make as well. All you need is:

·Cardboard Box With Flaps Removed

·Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil


Cover the box inside and out with the foil, making sure the shiny side is facing out. The bottom of the box will serve as the top of the oven. Place pan full of food on a footed grill 10” above lit charcoal. Place the oven over the cooking food, propping one side up with a rock to allow for ventilation. Use coals to control the temperature (each supplies 40 degrees of heat). Follow regular oven cooking times and temperatures for delicious campground meals!

If you have never made a buddy burner, all you need to gather is:

·Shallow Tin Can (tuna, dog food, cat food can)

·Corrugated Cardboard or Sawdust


·Paraffin Wax

Cut narrow strips of cardboard and coil them into the can or fill the can with sawdust. Melt the paraffin wax and pour it onto the cardboard or sawdust. Allow the wax to harden. Light the burner with a match and cook away!

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