Camping Gadgets – Cleaning Dishes & Clothes At The Campground

May 26, 2016

As much as many of us love to rough it, it’s hard to deny the comfort that comes with eating food from clean dishes and wearing clean clothes but these things can not only be hard to do outdoors but also difficult to do without being wasteful of resources or leaving a negative impact on the environment. The team here at Highway West Vacations knew there had to be some products out there that could help with these common camping concerns and after some internet exploration, we were able to track down a few great products that fit the bill!

We all know someone who over-packs and brings everything but the kitchen sink on camping trips but now they won’t have to leave home without that either! The Sea To Summit Kitchen Sink is a portable sink that is collapsible and easily packed with the rest of your camping goods. The broader base and stainless steel stiffening ring ensure that the sink does not tip over when full. The sink comes in three sizes: 5 liters, 10 liters, and 20 liters. Besides providing an environmentally friendly way to wash dishes, the sink can also be used as a water source for cooking, purification, and personal bathing. For more information on this and more useful Sea To Summit products, visit

Another great product that helps you maintain campground cleanliness is the Scrubba Wash Bag, a self-contained compact clothes washing system. The Scrubba embraces old-fashioned washboard technology but by creating a patented flexible washboard inside the bag, washing your clothes is convenient and the bag is comfortable to carry as you are traveling. It also keeps chemicals from touching your skin or coming in contact with the surrounding environment. Follow up with the Scrubba Traveling Towel to dry and you are ready to wear some fresh clothes out there in the wild!

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