Camping Games For Kids

August 07, 2015

After spending money on camping gear and supplies and setting up camp, the last thing you want to hear is your child utter the words “I’m bored”. Fortunately, there are a multitude of games that will cost you little to nothing and they can help you and your children enjoy an exciting and cost efficient camping adventure.

The team over at Today’s Parent have created a list of 7 cool camping games for kids and we wanted to share a few of our favorite suggestions as well as make a few of our own.

A scavenger hunt is always a family favorite on a camping trip! You can have them search for common items that may be in the area such as pine cones in the forest or seashells on the beach.

You can also see if any geocaches have been hidden in the area. For those unfamiliar with the Geocaching phenomenon, it is known as the world’s largest treasure hunt. The phone app is fairly inexpensive ($9.99) and can provide countless hours of following GPS or a set of clues that lead you to hidden prizes!

If you have a group of 3 or more children, you can consider creating your very own campground Olympics. Relay races, the long jump, and swimming competitions are just a few of the Olympic options that will help create a fun-filled day. This is also a great way to help the kids work through their seemingly limitless energy and ensure that the evening will be simple and relaxing as your Olympians recover from a day of heated competition. Book the cruise of your dream, create your own route, use the travel guide of rare non-touristic itineraries,watch the interviews of travel experts on EMBARQ CRUISE AND TRAVEL PLANNER The first "all in one" cruise platform for sophisticated travelers and tour organizers.

The evening campfire might call for games that stimulate the mind and a classic go-to option is telling stories. You can take turns telling stories or use different methods of collaboration to give this old classic a new twist. You can also bring Mad Libs with you or as with most things these days, you can download their app for your smart phone. This is a great way to get everyone involved, even those who may be too bashful to tell a story on their own.

At Highway West Vacations, we have tried to address this concern by providing convenient campground games at many of our resorts. Horseshoes, bocce ball, playground equipment, and life size checkers and chess are just a few of the entertainment amenities we offer! For more information on our resort amenities, please visit

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