Camping Gear – How To Take Wine Camping

July 01, 2016

In the past, we addressed the needs of beer-loving campers everywhere by writing a piece about the Miir Insulated Growler and we couldn’t help but think that maybe it was time to address the needs of traveling wine lovers. Storing wine while camping and finding appropriate glassware for traveling can prove to be difficult tasks. Thankfully, a few wine connoisseurs have developed products that allow you to travel effortlessly with wine without sacrificing any of the taste or aroma!

Box wine has long been a taboo in the wine drinking world but that perception is being altered by Bota Box, a manufacturer of boxed wine that has been able to win awards with its vintage-dated varietals. The packaging includes a BPA-free bag that keeps the wine fresh and a 100% recyclable box made from post-consumer fiber, making this an environmentally-friendly way to consume wine as these materials create 85% less landfill waste than glass bottles. The box is shatterproof and by eliminating the wine’s exposure to air and light, the Bota Box can keep the contents fresh for over a month! The three different size options will allow you to bring a substantial amount of wine for your group in one box instead of fumbling with numerous bottles. For more information, visit

If you have been saving that special bottle of wine for your trip or are very particular about which wines you drink, there are ways to transfer your bottled wine into a container that will keep it fresh and easy to carry as you travel. One such container is the PlatyPreserve Portable Wine Storage Bottle. The portable, flexible, and unbreakable design will allow you to keep your wine in an airtight carrier that keeps your wine fresh for weeks. For more information, visit

Now that the options for transporting and storing wine are clear, let’s focus on replacing breakable wine glasses with something more campground appropriate. The Vino2Go line of products offers wine “sippy cups” that feature a floating stem and a double wall insulated acrylic design. The tumblers allow you to enjoy wine without the worries of spilling or dealing with broken glass. For more information, visit

We hope that these products come in handy as you travel along the Highway West!

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