Camping Gear - Insulated Beer Growler

June 05, 2016

Breweries and craft beer have become a cultural phenomenon. Home brewers and appreciators of the craft have taken the consumption and creation of beer to a new level of artistry but how can you enjoy a premium brew that retains its carbonation and flavor while you are camping? The answer: The Miir Insulated Growler.

The team at Miir has created an insulated growler that has been making waves in the camping scene, even winning the favor of respected camping sites like Gear Finder. With a ton of products like this on the market, what makes the Miir Growler so impressive?

The 64 oz. growler has been constructed with double wall vacuum insulation, durable powder coat technology, and BPA free materials such as 18/8 medical grade stainless steel.

What does this mean for you? It means that your beer or other frosty beverage of choice will stay cold for over 24 hours. It also has the capability of keeping warm beverages hot for at least 12 hours. The insulation prevents the growler from “sweating” due to condensation. The flip-top clamp style lid will prevent your beverage from going flat or losing its flavor.

This growler is well constructed but the company has gone beyond just making a great product. By including a Track Your Impact code with each product sold, the Miir team participates in this program that is designed to donate much needed products and services to communities overseas that are dealing with hardships associated with poverty. Your unique code will allow you to see how your purchase has contributed to education, health services, or access to food and clean water in a struggling community.

For more information on the Miir Growler and their line of outdoor products, visit

We hope to see you relaxing with a cold drink in hand as you make stops along the Highway West.

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