Camping On A Budget

December 03, 2015

One of the biggest obstacles faced when planning a vacation can be getting the necessary funds together. Camping has always been a great alternative when planning a cost efficient outing but without the proper planning, a camping trip can end up being a little more costly than expected.

That’s why the team over at Bargain Babe has created a list of 22 Tips to Save Money Camping and we are here to share a few of our favorites!

One useful tip is to bring separate coolers for drinks and food. Drink coolers will be opened more often and this will allow you to replace ice less frequently in your food cooler. Block ice will also help you spend less as well as it tends to last longer than standard bags of ice.

Another ice saving technique is freezing meat and other perishable items and placing them in the cooler to help keep items cold and the ice from melting quickly. You can use your food as their very own ice packs!

You can save on fuel costs and charcoal when cooking by using couscous in any recipes that call for rice. Couscous only takes five minutes to make versus rice which can take up to 30 minutes to cook. Also, it is easier to clean out of your pot afterwards!

These may seem like small savings but after employing these methods time and time again, you will see the savings start to pile up!

Another great way to save is by planning ahead. At Highway West Vacations, the sooner you book, the better your chances are of locking down the most affordable rate. For more information on locations, accommodation types and availability, please visit

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