DIY Campground Tips For Saving Money

January 28, 2016

Camping is an activity that brings so much joy yet can also cause a great deal of frustration if you don’t plan accordingly. Before you buy camping gear with all the bells and whistles, consider a few of the camping hacks that The Matador Network has put together. These tips will help save you money and a headache!

Don’t let your toilet paper get dirty by the elements, crushed, or wet. Take a large coffee can or oatmeal tin and cut a slit in the side where the paper can be pulled out. Crisis averted!

Passing around a bar of soap can prove to be wasteful or sometimes disastrous (dropped on a less than desirable surface). Try using a vegetable peeler to cut the bar of soap into pieces and use a small piece each time you hit the showers.

Starting a fire at the campground has been the bane of man’s existence since the dawn of time and there are countless fire starters that you can buy at the store that still only seem to work half the time. Luckily, there are a few DIY fire starters that you can make and bring on your next trip.

One of these easy to make options is taking circular cotton pads and dipping them in wax. Another option is coating a cotton ball in Vaseline and wrapping in aluminum foil. Cut an X into the foil, pull out a little cotton and twist into a wick. Light it and it will remain lit for ten minutes while your fire begins to grow.

You can also use household items to help you light a fire for your charcoal grill. Fill an egg carton with charcoal and light the carton. Eureka, a quick fire for your barbeque!

You can also make your very own tiki torches to light around your campsite. Simply take an old Altoids tin, fill it with folded cardboard, and put a little wax on top. Light and enjoy!

For more on DIY campground tips for saving money, visit We hope to see your mint box tiki torches and egg carton fire starters at a Highway West Vacations destination!

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