​DIY RV Storage Ideas

December 06, 2016

Most RVs have been designed to make the most of your space but once you start to stock your motorhome with the necessary supplies, it can quickly begin to feel cluttered and messy. We have found that there are multitude of DIY organization options and many are as simple as buying a product and using it for a new purpose. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your RV and stay organized!

We tracked down a few tips from RV Travel, a comprehensive guide for all things RV. One tip is to buy a bicycle bottle rack and attach to the inside of one of your cabinets. You can now use it to hold large spray cans and prevent them from falling over as your travel.

Another DIY solution they recommend is creating a temporary outside water faucet for your RV. Buy a Camco Water Faucet and attach it to your fresh water connection for a versatile outside water source. This is ideal for making the most of not only the space in your motorhome but the space in your campsite.

DIY To Try believes in the power of repurposing magazine holders. You can fill them with toilet paper, canned goods, produce, sandals, and pretty much any other small item you can think of to help reduce clutter and keep small objects from flying around while you drive.

Got a Mag Lite? RV.net suggests buying a Attwood Fishing Rod Holder and storing it in there. It makes it easy to find and less likely to roll around.

If you are looking to actually store fishing poles in your RV, Nature Walkz recommends making your own “under camper” out of a large PVC pipe. This also comes in handy if you need to store large outdoor carpets.

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