Easy To Make Camping Cocktails

April 05, 2016

As we sit around the campfire, we like to unwind and enjoy food and drink as we share stories and plan adventures for the next day. For the adults, a cocktail can really add an element of relaxation but preparing a well-crafted beverage at a campground can be a challenge.

Backpacker.com has developed a list of their Top 10 Backpacker Cocktails that are sure to help you enjoy a convenient cocktail at your campsite.

Have you packed sports drinks for your trips? These can be used in various cocktails such as the Mountain Margarita which uses a lemon-lime flavored sports drink, tequila, and snow or the Watermelon Snowfield that contains fruit punch flavored sports drink, rum, snow, and a maraschino cherry to finish it off. Of course, these are only ideal if you are camping in a snow-filled environment but these aren’t the only drinks to feature ingredients found in nature.

The Mountain Storm Cosmo recommends the use of hailstones to help keep the drink cool and the Blackberry Margarita contains berries that have been freshly picked.

If foraging for ingredients or camping in the snow don’t sound appealing to you, there are cocktails that make it easy on you by utilizing powdered ingredients that can be easily packed along with your camping gear. The Wilderness White Russian uses dry whole milk powder and the Backcountry Mai Tai contains the classic powdered beverage Tang, creating a whole new meaning for the phrase “a kick in a glass”.

For more information on how to craft deliciously simple cocktails while you camp, read Backpacker’s informative list of campsite cocktails.

From all of us here at Highway West Vacations, we hope that you follow all posted signs at the campground of your choice and enjoy a safe and responsible outdoor adventure.

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