Eco-Friendly Camping Gear – Sun Oven

April 01, 2016

If you are an avid reader of the Highway West blog, you may remember our post about the Biolite Camp Stove and its ability to transform biomass into energy while also cooking campground meals. Today, we will be exploring a different type of campground cooking device that harnesses the power of the sun to help you prepare meals with solar energy while roughing it at the campground.

Sun Oven has developed a product that does just that. The All American Sun Oven allows you to bake, boil, and steam foods just like your oven at home but with no gas or wood required. All you need is the sun! You can also boil or pasteurize water for drinking, rehydrate freeze dried foods or use it as a dehydrator for fruits, vegetables, or jerky.

Now that what we know what it can do, let’s get into how it works! The All American Sun Oven uses a one piece construction method that allows it to be carried much like a suitcase once you have taken the mere seconds required to fold all the pieces. Once set up, the sun oven uses reflective pieces, a thick sheet of ultra-white glass, and a self-contained leveling leg that allows you to cook at a quicker pace by adjusting the oven to best capture the sun. With ten different settings, you are easily able to capture the sun, no matter where it is in the sky. The focusing cubes allow you to properly situate your oven and yield the greatest amount of solar energy.

The airtight container and the power of the sun ensure delicious food that never burns or dries out. The pot and oven maintain the same temperature! This also means that stirring the dish is not required.

You can also leave the oven in one position all day and slow cook a dish. If you are in more of a hurry and are adjusting the oven often, the spill-proof levelator inside will ensure your dishes don’t spill as the oven rack swivels.

Not only is the sun oven easy to use but its environmental benefits are astronomical. As an alternative to deforestation, the sun oven can help decrease the amount of wood used for cooking by 70%! It can also reduce the amount of acrid smoke caused by burning biomass by 70%, making it one of the most eco-friendly outdoor ovens on the market.

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