Eco-Friendly Hand Wipes For Camping

September 01, 2016

At Highway West Vacations, we are always researching the latest in biodegradable and compostable camping goods that allow us to preserve the natural surroundings we care for so deeply. We have discussed ways to safely use soap and washing devices without harming the ground or plant life at a campground but we thought we would focus in on one of the camper’s oldest secret weapons for a quick clean-up: hand wipes.

As with most personal care products, there are a ton of great eco-friendly options and here are a few that we managed to track down!

The Coleman Biowipes have become a top choice for campers and hikers looking for a quick clean. These compostable wipes break down in 21 days, allowing you to tidy up without the worry of your wipes being left behind long after you’re gone. The 8” x 11” wipes fit folded in a small resealable package, making it easy to carry in a backpack and other small packs.

Another useful wipe for the avid outdoors enthusiast is the EZ Towel. Each towel starts out at the size of nickel and once it comes into contact with a few drops of water, you have an instant wet towel at your disposal! These towels are convenient and made from 100% Rayon, making them a biodegradable option for the trail or campsite. They also sell travel tubes that make it even easier to have several on hand.

If wipes just won’t do the trick, campers love the cleaning powers of Campsuds, a concentrated and biodegradable all-purpose cleaner that only requires a few drops of cold, hot, or even salt water to use. The plant-based ingredients and essential oil fragrance won’t harm the environment or attract any unwanted attention from the critters and creatures you may encounter in nature.

The team at Highway West Vacations wishes you a clean and comfortable camping trip!

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