Eco-friendly Initiatives – New Vehicle Charging Station

May 23, 2017

As a company comprised of outdoor enthusiasts striving to provide fellow nature lovers with truly unique locations, amenities, and accommodations, we recognize the importance of conserving natural resources and preserving our land, lakes, rivers, seas, and skies for future generations. That’s why we are proud to share some of our green initiatives with you as we continue to implement new policies and procedures that are environmentally friendly such as our new electric vehicle charging station!

- A vehicle charging station has been installed at our Sideways Inn location. We are in the process of assessing other sites to see what other locations may benefit from this amenity.

- Recycling bins are located at each park so guests and team members may conveniently dispose of recyclable materials properly.

- Each park also has waste recycling and paper recycling initiatives in place.

- Light fixtures have been upgraded to provide energy efficient LED lighting throughout each property.

- Our on-site cafes have developed a no Styrofoam policy and utilize eco-friendly paper products and recyclable cups.

- Select locations have switched from packaged coffee creamers to fresh milk offerings, cutting down on plastic usage and preventing an average of 2,240 packaged creamers per month from ending up in a landfill.

- Low VOC paints are used during resort improvement projects.

- Eco-friendly cleaning products are used by the housekeeping teams at numerous resorts.

- Various properties proudly offer organic and eco-friendly bathroom amenities.

- Water drinking stations are in place at several properties to cut down on plastic bottles.

- Each campground and hotel works with local charities to set up donation and volunteer programs.

As we continue to grow, so will our mission to provide and promote environmentally conscious practices at each Highway West Vacations destination. Check our Essentially Eco blog regularly for the latest and greatest in eco-friendly camping.

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