Essential Free Camping Apps For iPhone & Android

June 07, 2016

Camping in the great outdoors is an opportunity to disconnect from the strains of city life and the workplace and to reconnect with nature. It is also an opportunity to put away our cell phones and turn our tired eyes away from computer screens and focus on our natural surroundings but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use technology here and there to help us plan our trips or aid us along the way.

A resource that you may want to look into before and during your trip (let’s hope not) is the Survival Guide app. Based on the Military Survival Manual FM 21-76, this handheld guide takes you through 19 chapters of survival techniques that cover everything from treating bites and stings to how to signal for help in a dire situation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Are you looking to visit a National Park or are hoping there is one nearby? The Chimani National Parks app is an easy to use solution as it includes key features, historical facts, and photo galleries of over 400 U.S. National Parks. Links to additional sources are also included to help you collect as much information as possible.

The Anti Mosquito App is a must-have if you are visiting an area that is hot and humid. This sonic repellent emits a very high frequency that is unpleasant for mosquitos, which in turn will help keep you from suffering bug bites. You won’t even notice when it’s working as the high pitched sound is undetectable by most human ears.

Looking for a hiking or biking trail while traveling? Check out the All Trails app, available for iPhone and Android. Curated by over 3 million fellow outdoor adventurers, you can access maps, trail information, photos, and reviews for over 50,000 trails across North America!

At Highway West Vacations, we want you to get the most out of every camping experience and these apps just might help you plan, prepare, and explore better than ever before!

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