Fishing In Silver Lake, WA

October 01, 2015

If you are an avid fisherman or are looking to get accustomed to life out on the lake, then Washington might be a place you have considered visiting. Picking Washington as a destination is the easy part but picking a precise fishing location can be difficult. This week we are highlighting fishing in Silver Lake, WA to help you decide if this is the place for you!

The lake is known for its healthy supply of largemouth bass, common carp, and catchable rainbow trout which are planted each spring. However, these are only a few of the fish you can look forward to catching. The complete list of fish includes:

Black Crappie
Brown Bullhead
Coho Salmon
Grass Carp
Largemouth Bass
Rainbow Trout
Sucker, General
White Crappie
Yellow Perch

The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has shared information on each species as well as the rules and regulations of Silver Lake. They also share useful information such as their fish stocking schedule and plan, so you can plan your trip around a time of year when the fish fill the lake to the brim!

If their website isn’t enough to persuade you, there are numerous reputable sites online that praise Silver Lake as a must-see destination for those interested in fishing, most specifically largemouth bass fishing.

Lake Lubbers gives a great overview of all the fun attractions both on and off the lake and includes a map and photo gallery of images submitted by happy visitors.

Almost Daily News also has written about Silver Lake and its excellent cold weather crappie fishing. The article also mentions Silver Cove RV Resort, one of our Highway West Vacations destinations.

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