Get To Know The iKamper Skycamp Tent

February 24, 2017

As lovers of the outdoors, we have seen our fair share of traditional camping gear but you know you have something special on your hands when Tech Insider posts a video about it and that’s what has happened with the new innovative camping solution: The iKamper Skycamp Tent.

This is no ordinary tent. This expandable hard shell roof top tent is the only one of its kind as it can safely fit a family or group of four! Inspired by treehouses and the travels documented in Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel “On The Road”, creator Soon Park has now completed his fourth rooftop tent design. This is how it works:

The tent is mounted to the top of your car. With a weight of 150 pounds and a universal mounting system that utilizes a series of cross bars, this tent can be mounted on most vehicles currently on the market.

The tent folds down and is housed in a sleek fiber-reinforced hard shell top. It has been designed with a wind deflector to reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency.

Once the lid is opened, the ten expands and you pull the ladder down towards the ground. Inside, you will find an aluminum honeycomb floor for reinforcement and a high density memory foam mattress for comfort. The mattress even has a detachable cover that you can wash as it gets dirty from camping.

The tent itself is 100% rainproof and comes with all of the necessary stakes, poles, and ropes you’ll need to make sure the tent stays put throughout the night.

When you’re done, fold it up, close the lid, and use the steel anti-theft locks to secure it. Two locks are included but you have the option of adding a few more to the cross bars for extra security!

This is a brand new product with pre-orders beginning on February 27, 2017 via Kickstarter. This is a great opportunity to get one of these at a great price! Normal sales of the tents will begin in Summer 2017. Visit to subscribe and be notified of when the Kickstarter pre-orders go live!

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