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November 01, 2017

Trails take on all shapes and sizes and as any avid hiker knows, not every trail has clearly marked paths or helpful signage. It only takes getting lost once while hiking to inspire us to look for additional solutions and the popular site All Trails has developed an app that makes it nearly impossible to lose your way as you explore new areas!

The app not only helps you search for trails but it also provides you with photos, reviews, and important details about each hike so you can pick one that best caters to your desires and hiking experience.

After you select the ideal hike, you can use the app to get detailed driving directions that will place you right at the trailhead. Once you arrive, you can use the detailed map to see which path is most often taken by other users.

Begin your adventure by recording your progress. This feature uses GPS to track your route as you follow the trail. If you stray from the path, the app will highlight that on the map and you can make your way back to the main trail. The app will also record the distance you have traveled, the speed in which you are moving, and the elevation gain that has occurred throughout the trek.

After the hike is finished, you can conclude the recording and compare your stats with past and future hikes. You can also save your favorite hiking trails for future reference and connect with friends on the app to share information and learn more about trails and other users’ stats.

For more information visit the All Trails App Page or search for it in your smartphone’s app store!

We will see you out on the trails and along the Highway West!

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