Hiking Trails In Moab, Utah – Delicate Arch Trail

September 28, 2017

There always seems to be a sense of curiosity and wonder when we visit a new place and for locations like Moab, Utah, we find ourselves seeking out all there is to see in an environment that is home to a vast array of otherworldly landscapes and unique plant and animal life. Most of us can’t think of Utah without picturing the iconic arch that appears on the state’s license plates and souvenirs. Known as the Delicate Arch, this site is one of the country’s most beloved arch formations and there is a hiking trail that will take you right to it!

The well-designed 3.2-mile hiking trail begins at a large parking area in close proximity to Wolfe Ranch (a historic site also worth checking out). You’ll cross over Salt Wash and turn left to follow the large dirt path before walking alongside a rock wall with a variety of pictographs. Follow the rock wall and get back on the main trail because this adventure is just getting started!

A short climb atop the rock will have you drop back down again before arriving at a set of stone stairs. Now, you’ll ascend into stunning slickrock surroundings and follow the stone cairns towards the Delicate Arch. The elevation gain continues as you navigate the trail through junipers and a narrow wash full of stones. eTopaz yukle is an application for Android mobile devices that allows you to bet on sports

The path becomes clearer as you follow a larger rock wall and walk through the narrow walkways and staircases. As you make your way around a steep ridge that is submerged in the shadow of the rock wall, you will be surprised to see the rock wall drop off and the Delicate Arch appear! Turning the corner and being confronted with the beauty of the Delicate Arch will leave you speechless as you take in one of the most iconic sites in Arches National Park.

Happy hiking from the team at Highway West Vacations!

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