Hiking Trails In Washington – Norway Pass

June 16, 2016

When we think of Washington and its abundance of natural beauty, we think of the trees, the rivers, the lakes, and the mountains. Although we often associate Mount St. Helens with destruction (ever since the eruption in 1980), there are many picturesque places to take in the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest that aren’t too far from this historic site. One of these places is the Norway Pass Trail located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

This trail is a unique mixture that highlights the devastation caused by the volcano in 1980 and the inspiring rejuvenating qualities of the surrounding elements. It begins in a dust-filled ashy area that was affected by the blast punctuated with willows and small bushes as you continue to follow the trail.

After a short 0.9 mile walk, you will arrive at the junction that connects to the Independence Ridge Trail. Turn right to follow the trail to the main pass. As you look down, you will see the spectral white capped trees that show which direction the devastation spread.

As you arrive at the pass, you will gaze down upon a remarkable vista with cascading rock debris along a chasmal breach in the crater of Mount St. Helen’s. You will also see a pumice plain formed by the eruption and many fallen trees floating in Spirit Lake.

The Norway Pass connects to many other trails that will allow you to further explore this one-of-a-kind section of Washington’s abundant forests. Many trails are closed at various times throughout the years due to landslides. Visit https://www.wta.org/go-hiking/trip-reports to learn more about current hiking conditions.

Many guests of our Silver Cove RV Resort love this trail and we think you will too! For more information on Silver Cove and our other Highway West Vacation locations, visit http://www.highwaywestvacations.com/.

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