How To Conquer Your Post-Vacation Blues Between Trips

August 30, 2016

As campers, we take advantage of every opportunity to explore the great outdoors and travel as often as possible. However, most of us don’t have the luxury of traveling all the time or as often as we would like, creating a sense of longing to get back out on the open road. Returning to your normal routine can be tough but Wikihow has taught us how to overcome the post-vacation blues and now we want to share the information with you!

Sleep is a major contributor to happiness and productivity and maintaining a reasonable sleep schedule while traveling can do wonders for your overall well-being. If you consider the time difference and sleep at times that match your normal routine back home, this can help you re-acclimate quickly. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine close to bedtime will also help you get back on your sleeping track!

Exercising is always helpful when trying to beat stress and fatigue and the results are no different while on vacation. This will prove helpful as you feel more calm traveling and you will have the benefit of endorphins to help you feel positive upon your return.

If these physical changes don’t do the trick, a mental shift may help! These changes don’t occur immediately but over time, you can teach yourself to value your memories and appreciate your opportunities to experience them. If this isn’t enough, you can bring home elements of your trip with you such as learning how to cook some of your favorite dishes you tried along your travels.

You can also put a souvenir from your trip on your desk at work as a morale boosting reminder of past vacations and the promise of more to come! Another transition tool is to start planning your next vacation upon your return. Planning and putting aside the time for your next trip will fill you with hope and help you focus.

Managing expectations upon your return to work can also help. Don’t occupy all of your vacation time with worries about the workplace but a day or two before returning to work, contact a coworker, check in, and develop an idea of what your return will require of you to catch up.

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We hope that you will utilize these tips and start planning your next vacation at one of our Highway West Vacations destinations.

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