How To Create Natural Home Décor

June 08, 2017

We aren’t always able to tear ourselves away from our hectic lives and experience the restorative powers of nature but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a home environment that helps us get by in between trips! Décor By The Seashore has a list of 10 items that you can collect on your camping trips and various DIY projects you can take part in to help transform your home into its very own peaceful retreat. Most of these projects are easy enough to do around the campfire!

If you visit a coastal destination, seashells are fun to collect and easy to use in a variety of DIY projects. You can make a seashell seahorse craft, seashell monogram, or seashell candles. Grab some driftwood while you’re at it and put together a unique driftwood mirror!

Rocks can be found at virtually every campground and unique stones can provide you with quite a few possibilities. Try your hand at crafting a river rock trivet, rock candle centerpiece, or pebble jewelry hangers.

Collecting branches and logs can be a fun activity in itself and once you have collected enough, you can make your very own natural branch coasters, twig vase, or branch coat rack! Tree bark can also be used to make birch bark lamps or lanterns and moss is great for decorating old soup cans to create a small organizer/succulent pot.

Acorns and pine cones can also be used to capture a rejuvenating outdoor atmosphere. An acorn cap photo frame or wreath or pine cone topiary are great additions to any home full of natural décor!

No home full of natural décor would be complete without the use of leaves. An autumn leaf bowl is a great place to start!

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