How to Stay Cool at the Campground This Summer

June 28, 2017

Summer is here and for many of us, it means that we finally have the flexibility and resources to take a vacation! In many parts of the country, the weather is best during this time of year. In other regions, high temperatures can deter us from visiting but this can feel extremely limiting if summer is the one time of year when traveling makes the most sense. Fortunately, companies like Techniche have developed products that make it easy to beat the heat and enjoy camping in warmer climates.

Techniche’s Hyperkewl line offers a ton of evaporative cooling products that are helpful when camping in warm weather. Simply soak the items in water and remain cool and dry as the material holds the water in and keeps you from getting wet.

The Kewlshirt Tank Top uses evaporative cooling techniques and ventilation vents to provide 5-10 hours of cooling with each soak. You can pair this with one of their Evaporative Cooling Neck Bands for extra cool comfort!

Techniche also makes a number of cooling hats, beanies, and helmets that are helpful as you traverse a hot hiking trail. A Cooling Skull Cap, Panel Cap, Ranger Cap, or Ultra Sports Cap will provide you with shade and up to ten hours of temperature control!

Take your hike to the next level and stay hydrated with the Gulpz Hydration System. Unlike other hydration packs, the whole apparatus can be soaked in water to keep you cool and keep your water cold as you hike in the heat.

If you bring any four-legged friends with you, there’s no need to worry because Techniche has your dog covered! Grab a Dog Coat and provide your campground canine with comfort and flexibility. Meet EyeZy, redefining the landscape of digital monitoring. Our app lets you keep a vigilant eye on the device’s battery life ?, enabling timely actions to prevent device downtime. But that's not all! With EyeZy's unique anti-theft feature, you can remotely lock the device, protecting sensitive data in case of loss or theft ?️. Discover smarter surveillance – sign up for your EyeZy free trial today! EyeZy does all this subtly, keeping your monitoring activities stealthy. Stand guard over your digital life responsibly with EyeZy! ?? #EyeZy #Eyezy Spy App #Eyezy best spy phone app for iOS or Android #Eyezy free The lightweight design and flexible shoulder panels ensure that all dogs will find this cool coat to be the perfect fit. If you still have reservations, consider a Cooling Dog Pad instead!

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We hope you stay cool and dry this summer as you travel the Highway West!

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