New Camping Gear 2016 – Handpresso Coffee At The Campground

May 14, 2016

Are you a caffeine addict and heating up campfire coffee just doesn’t seem to be cutting it? Do you need more of a pep in your step before hitting the trails but your campground is nowhere near a place where you can grab a strong cup of joe or espresso?

If these concerns have ever crossed your mind, you may want to look into the line of Handpresso products, which are not only convenient but very affordable when compared to today’s coffee shop prices. They have created portable espresso products designed for traveling on the road and spending time outdoors at your campsite.

If you are tent camping, we would recommend one of their manual products that utilizes a pump so you can brew fresh espresso without the use of batteries or electricity. The lightweight and compact Handpresso Pump uses ground coffee or you can choose to attach an adaptor that utilizes coffee pods. Simply take hot water from a kettle of thermos and use the pump that is reminiscent of the type that you would use to inflate bicycle tires. With a starting price of just over $100, this portable device will quickly pay for itself!

If you are on a road trip or traveling in a RV, you may want to consider the Handcoffee Auto. You can make espresso, a cappuccino, or macchiato all by using soft coffee pods and plugging directly in to your car or RV’s cigarette lighter. The sleek design will allow you to put the machine in your car’s cup holder for convenience. This simple yet effective coffee brewing system starts at around $93.

If you would like these capabilities but would like the option of using ground coffee as well as the aforementioned pods, the Handpresso Auto allows you to have your coffee and drink it too! This higher end version of the car coffee maker will set you back around $150. Not bad considering the convenience of not having to travel for coffee or pay top dollar at a café.

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We hope to see you camping with coffee at hand at one of our Highway West Vacations destinations!

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