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April 06, 2018

In recent years, companies have developed new ways to provide charitable offerings through donation programs and initiatives that embody their core values. Organizations like Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker have developed a “one for one” system that provides one of their products to someone in need every time they sell a pair of shoes or eyeglasses. Oboz Footwear has taken the one for one concept and adapted it to help preserve the environment. For each pair of hiking boots sold, Oboz plants one tree. Through their One More Tree program, they have planted 1,639,388 trees to date. 

Oboz has partnered with Trees For The Future, an organization that provides the seeds, tools, and resources to allow poverty-stricken families to turn their unsustainable farms into forest gardens that provide food, empowerment, and economic self-sufficiency. Not only does this program assist those in need but the additional trees planted improve biodiversity and create sustainable sources of crop shade, soil rehabilitation, and much more. 

But before we get too carried away, what about the shoes?! In between saving the environment and empowering families around the globe, Oboz has developed an impressive line of shoes with their patented O Fit Insole, a technologically advanced feature that promotes the natural biomechanics of your feet. Each insole ensures the perfect fit for each style and size and the forward-thinking design and materials provide arch support, added heel comfort, and extra protection for those high-strike zones as you traverse your favorite trails. They also offer a thermal version that incorporates wool and Mylar layers to help keep your feet warm as you hike in colder climates! Источник: смотреть эротику 

Oboz has also developed a user-friendly shoe finder that allows you to narrow down your options as you decide on the right pair of hiking boots. Select the type of terrain, the items you will likely carry, and various material and fit preferences and you just may find the perfect pair of shoes! 

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