Quick Tips & Tricks For The Hiking Trail

July 19, 2016

We have all prepared for hikes, only to have something go wrong. Staying hydrated or protecting ourselves from the elements can sometimes defy common sense and careful planning. The folks over at Backpacker.com have had some experienced adventurers weigh in with some DIY tips that will help you avoid having your hike turn into a harrowing affair.

Sometimes water bottles can get warm if you are hiking in a desert climate or location with warmer temperatures. A former marine suggests taking an old sock, dipping it in water, and placing your water bottle inside. If you hang the sock on the outside of your pack, you will find that the water will remain cool.

If you find yourself stuck in the rain while you are out on the trail, one contributor suggests folding a bar towel into a strip measuring two or three inches wide. Place it around your neck before pulling your jacket’s hood up over your head. Any rain that makes its way inside your jacket will not drip down into your clothing as the towel will soak it up on contact!

You can keep your personal items dry out on the rainy trail as well. A wide-mouthed water bottle can keep small items dry such as a cell phone, matches, batteries, etc. If you don’t want the items to rattle around inside, you can pad the bottle with a bandana or other small cloth.

If your serene setting is being interrupted by squeaky backpack straps, then apply some lip balm to the source of the noise and you will find yourself stepping in near silent strides.

For more information on these hiking life hacks, visit http://www.backpacker.com/skills/readers-best-advice-hiking-tips/.

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