RV Maintenance Tips

April 13, 2017

RV season is quickly approaching and although we all wish we could just pack a bag and hit the road, we sometimes need to do a little maintenance on our rigs. The major repairs can be obvious but the preventative maintenance needed to avoid these costly repairs can sometimes be difficult to identify. That’s why Do It Yourself RV has created a list of 5 RV maintenance tips that will help you avoid expensive repairs down the line.

One of the best steps you can take is to make sure your roof is covered when your RV is not in use. It may be out of sight and out of mind but neglecting the roof and its exposure to sun, rain, sleet, and snow can cost you a pretty penny. There are tons of great RV carports out there and traditional RV covers that can help protect your RV against the elements!

Another great RV maintenance tip is to run your generator for two hours a month at 50% power. This will help cycle the gasoline through the various components and prevent damage from occurring as sitting gas can cause the carburetor to varnish and prevent the fuel from powering the generator. With no easy way to clean it out, this damage would mean that you need to buy a whole new generator!

Even with a covered roof, RVs can run into the problem of moisture getting inside and causing water damage and promoting mold growth. This usually occurs due to weather stripping and seals that have deteriorated over time. It is recommended to check the seals around windows and doors every three months to ensure they are in good condition and fit snugly. Roof seals should be checked every six months.

If your RV is stored in a hot area, make sure to open the air vents during the warmest months. The air flow will help prevent high temperatures from damaging the interior of your rig.

Lubricating slide out rails a few times a year is also recommended. If you hear a squeaking noise as you extend them, it is not only an unpleasant sound but a warning that rust and corrosion may be setting in.

For more information on these RV maintenance tips, visit the Do It Yourself RV website.

If you don’t have your own RV or these tips sound like a bit of a hassle, all our Highway West Vacations destinations offer accommodations such as vintage trailer rentals, cabins, cottages, safari tents, and more! No matter your means of travel, we hope to host you soon!

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