The History Behind The Moab Easter Jeep Safari

March 19, 2015

The 49th annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari is right around the corner (March 28 – April 5) and since this is its last hoorah before celebrating the big 5-0, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and see how this tradition began and evolved over time.

It all began in 1967, when the Moab Chamber of Commerce organized the event to help attract new visitors to the Moab area. It humbly began as a one day event on the Saturday before Easter. The chamber leaders acted as tour guides and led the participants along a route of their choosing through the Behind the Rocks Trail which was the only trail offered at the time. The event was free of charge to anyone who attended and in the early years, those who participated were treated to ice cream packages that were delivered by airplane as the groups stopped to enjoy a lunch break.

Up until 1982, the safari maintained this simple tradition but it was at this time when new rules and regulations were enforced and securing permits and other documentation was necessary for them to organize the event moving forward. The torch was passed along to a recently formed group called the Red Rock 4 Wheelers.

The organization was thrilled to be in charge of this important Moab tradition and began to recruit larger numbers to fulfill the new requirements. They had a vision to expand the event to encompass more trails and more days which would lead to more 4x4 enthusiasts traveling to the area.

Since assuming this role, the Red Rock 4 Wheelers have grown in numbers, with over 1,000 members worldwide. They have taken the tradition and have watched it grow and flourish into the 9-day event it has become, boasting more than 125 trail options and 2000 vehicles which makes it the largest off-roading event on the planet. People come from all over to enjoy the majestic landscapes and Moab weather.

Although the event has taken on a whole new life in recent years, some traditions live on. On “Big Saturday” (the Saturday before Easter), all the cars line up along Main Street and the nearby adjacent streets to embark on their journeys at the same time, paying tribute to the original event and the ceremonial procession that the Moab Chamber of Commerce established long ago.

If you are a 4x4 off-roading enthusiast and would like to know more about how to register, trail descriptions, and details about the event, visit And if you are looking for a place to stay in the area, Highway West Vacations has three convenient locations to choose from: Canyonlands RV Resort & Campground, Moab Valley RV Resort & Campground, and Archview RV Resort & Campground.

So get off the road and into Moab! Drive on past those Moab hotels and complement your off-roading adventure with a trailer, cottage, or cabin waiting for you at the end of the dusty trail.

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