Things To Do At Mount St. Helens

May 11, 2016

Planning a trip to Mount St. Helens? Let us help you plan your visit!

The Mount St. Helens Institute is a great resource for all things stratovolcano!

The institute provides summit climbs, a crater glacier view climb, a hike into the crater, field seminars, and an array of winter adventures.

The summit climbs include a guided climb and a climb with a geologist. The guided group trek is great for first time climbers or those looking to learn more about the area’s wildlife and natural surroundings from an expert. The summit climb with a geologist is just that, an opportunity to learn about the complex geology of the region while making your way to the rim of the Monitor Ridge. For registration information, visit

The crater glacier view climb will take you across the Pumice Plain and into a restricted area, making this a very unique hiking experience. As you travel towards the crater, you will find yourself surrounded by wildflowers. At the end of the plateau, you will experience otherworldly views of the crater, glacier, and lava domes. For more information on this adventure, visit

Into the crater you go! A professional geologist will take you as close as any man has gone before with the institute’s crater hike. The hike includes a campfire meal and fireside lecture. You can learn more by visiting

The field seminars are always changing but upcoming adventures include a yoga and hiking retreat and foraging for wild mushrooms! Check out for the latest information regarding these educational excursions.

There are currently no winter adventures listed but make sure to visit as the season approaches to plan your trip!

While you are planning your trip to Mount St. Helens, hop on over to and plan to stay in one of our cabins, cottages, or RV sites. Have a blast at Mount St. Helens!

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