​Tips For Travelers - Winterizing Your Home

January 03, 2017

Hitting the road this winter in your RV to avoid the harsh weather conditions at home? It’s always good to be prepared and make sure your house can withstand the challenging conditions while you’re away and Travelers.com has created a list of best practices for winterizing your home while you live it up out on the open road.

Many travelers worry that burglars may target their home while they’re on vacation but there are numerous methods for making your home look lived in even while you are far, far away. Useful methods include cutting down on mail piling up by having it forwarded to another address, suspending newspaper delivery, and asking a friend or neighbor to discard any flyers left on your doorstep.

Arranging for someone to shovel snow and installing motion sensor lights can also be helpful and give your home that occupied look. You can set the lights on timers as well to have them come on periodically inside your home. Of course, active alarm systems, storing valuables in a safe, and not posting your travel plans on social media can all help decrease the likelihood of someone breaking into your home as well.

You can also make sure that no unwanted pests enter your home while you’re away. By cleaning your home thoroughly, properly caring for refrigerators and freezers (emptying, cleaning, and defrosting), and making sure that fireplaces and chimneys are clear and closed, you can keep critters out and come back to a clean and comfy home.

There are plenty of tips regarding plumbing and making sure that pipes don’t freeze. Whether you choose to completely cut off your water supply or keep your furnace running so the areas surrounding your pipes stay warm, you can find out about each option with step by step instructions here. It’s also a great idea to test all electrical and heating systems and check the roof for leaks to ensure water damage does not occur.

For more information on these tips and many more, visit https://www.travelers.com/resources/home/safety/snowbirds-winterize-your-vacant-home.aspx or download their Travel Checklist which makes planning even easier!

Happy travels and holidays from Highway West Vacations!

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