Unique Campfire Cooking Tips

March 14, 2017

Our Tinfoil Toolbox blog prominently features campground recipes but occasionally we like to supply our readers with a few more tools for cooking outdoors. No, we aren’t talking cooking gear (this time). The Clymb has a few ways you can be resourceful and impress your friends when curating cuisine at the campsite and we wanted to pass the info along!

This first camping hack may sound a bit strange but try wrapping meat or freshly caught fish in leaves before cooking it. There are many varieties of edible leaves: perennials like palm leaves or banana leaves or leaves found on sycamore and walnut trees, just to name a few. You can use wet twine to hold the leaves in place or if the leaves are large, you can wrap them around the meat or fish with the folded side facing down over the coals. The leaves will not only add a unique flavor to your dishes but will also help you steam your food and prevent the skin from burning.

Now, this tip may sound counter-intuitive but it works; you can boil water in a paper cup! Water never reaches a temperature higher than 212 °Fin its liquid form and paper won’t burn until you hit 451 °F. As long as there is water in the cup, there is no risk of fire! Grab a paper cup, walk over to a stream, fill your cup, heat it up to a boil, and maybe throw in some cocoa mix and you have yourself a quick and impressive treat.

The creative campground cooking tips don’t end there. You can keep on reading through The Clymb’s article to learn more about cooking eggs in an orange peel, using a Frisbee as a cutting board, and the classic tin-foil meal that incorporates most of the major food groups!

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