Upcoming Night Sky Events – Borrego Springs

December 01, 2017

As one of the nation’s only Dark Sky Communities, Borrego Springs is the place to be this December for all things stargazing!

On Sunday, December 3rd, the first and last super moon of 2017 will be visible. The moon will become full at 7:47 am PST but will be at its most impressive around 12:45 am PST on December 4th. Super moons can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual and Dark Sky friendly businesses like Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort and Borrego Valley Inn provide the ideal setting and lighting to see the moon at its biggest and brightest. Learn more about our commitment to preserving the night sky here.

Last year, the super moon made the Geminid Meteor Shower a bit lackluster but this year, one of nature’s greatest light shows will be center stage, peaking on the night of December 13th and morning of December 14th. Space.com recommends laying down on the ground in a Dark Sky area and allowing your eyes to adjust in the dark for 20-30 minutes before taking in the best views the Geminids have to offer.

Not only is Borrego Springs one of the best places to enjoy picturesque stargazing but fall and winter are ideal times to visit. With an average high temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the month of December, visitors can enjoy traversing the Borrego Badlands, taking in the unparalleled view from the edge of Fonts Point, and tracking down all of the Galleta Meadows sculptures while the weather is crisp and cool in the desert.

For more information on our Borrego Springs locations, visit our website. Whether you come for the night sky views, the countless hiking and off-roading trails, or just want to experience the peace and solitude that Borrego Springs is known for, we look forward to providing you with a memorable vacation experience in the heart of California’s best kept desert secret.

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