Ways To Decorate Your Campsite

June 01, 2017

Personalizing your campsite and making it feel like home can take a good camping experience and make it great but with only a short amount of time and limited storage space, it takes a bit of creativity to pull off a cozy campsite. That’s why we have done some digging and have found various items that make decorating your campsite an easy and worthwhile endeavor!

String lights are among the easiest and most functional ways to make the most of your campsite. Outdoor string lights come in a variety of designs and can help provide a truly unique environment that adds to the overall camping experience. Both World Market and Target sell a large variety of string lights that are built to last outdoors and complement all types of décor. LED rope lights are also a popular choice among campers and easy to set up in different outdoor environments.

Outdoor furniture is another way to easily make your campsite your own. Nowadays, this means much more than just a few folding chairs! Items like folding portable wine tables and mini picnic tables can add another layer to your campground décor.

Signs and banners can add classic charm to any campsite. A personalized camping sign, welcome sign, fabric bunting, or camping banner are among the many options you can display to express yourself at the campground. These can serve as sources of comfort or great conversation pieces when you engage with fellow campers.

You can also choose to change out your décor when traveling during the holidays. 4th of July is coming up and there are a ton of ways to cover your campsite in red, white, and blue!

Whether you have a simple setup or a lavishly designed campsite, Highway West Vacations wishes you happy travels!

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