Weird Washington - Roadside Attractions in Spokane

June 03, 2016

RV travelers and road trippers often love the hunt for a quirky roadside attraction and like many cities across the United States, Spokane has a few points of interest for those seeking out the weird and wonderful.

One such attraction is the Giant Radio Flyer Wagon at Riverfront Park. Known as the world’s largest red wagon, this symbol of youth stands 12’ tall, 12’ wide, and 27’ long. Created for the Centennial Celebration For Children in 1989, this celebratory colossus can hold up to 300 people at one time and its steel and reinforced concrete components weigh in at a whopping 26 tons. A weird sight worthy of stopping for!

If you are stopping by Riverfront Park, you can also take advantage of another strange Spokane spectacle, the Garbage Eating Goat Statue. Yes, this inanimate statue “eats garbage” and has been doing so since the World’s Fair in 1974. Developed to help guests at the World’s Fair properly dispose of waste, the goat inhales the trash through an internal vacuum once a button has been pushed on the surrounding grotto wall. This is definitely a statue worth seeing!

The Benewah Milk Bottles are another popular roadside attraction that has been recognized by Time amongst other reputable outlets. These milk bottle shaped structures were built in the 1930s and were home to the retail storefronts for Benewah Creamery Company. One of the locations now serves as Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle, a popular place to grab burgers and shakes. The restaurant may look familiar to you as it was featured in the Johnny Depp film Benny & Joon!

We hope that you will enjoy some of these local legends when you visit Spokane, WA. Our Alderwood RV Resort offers a great jumping off point for you RVers!

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